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A fun, online maths resource for students

Get your students excited, engaged and excelling at maths!
Video, Education, Math, Students, Games, Mangahigh
Education, Math, Games, Mangahigh

What is Mangahigh?

Mangahigh is one of the most engaging learning platforms for maths, helping students to learn more effectively using an active game-based pedagogical approach.

Transform your teaching with game-based learning

Get students loving maths

Educational maths games aligned to your curriculum

Inspire students

Learn independently with adaptive quiz activities

Get actionable insights

Analyse your students' learning and track their progress

Reduce your workload

Encourages independent learning with built-in personalised learning paths

Curriculum-aligned content

Australia, Maths, Education, New Zealand, Games

All games and activities are aligned to various curricula including:

* Australian Curriculum
* New South Wales Curriculum
* Victorian Curriculum
* Western Australian Curriculum
* New Zealand Curriculum

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What teachers say about Mangahigh

Teacher, Education, Math, Games, Mangahigh
We’ve used Mangahigh with our Years 5 & 6 for many years.
It’s something they look forward to. They love the leaderboard
and competitions!
Jacob Torpey,
Coburg West Primary School, VIC
Teacher, Education, Math, Games, Mangahigh

Our students can get on with Mangahigh without too much direction. I walk into class and they've already started. I've never seen them so motivated!

Colleen Boland,
St Ignatius College, VIC
Teacher, Education, Math, Games, Mangahigh

We use Mangahigh to easily personalise their learning, and

they are so hooked! They love the activities, and the rewards

are such a bonus!

Matt Stevens,
Thebarton Senior College, SA
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